Visitors using various rides and facilities at Baywatch should note the warnings displayed at the appropriate places and use the facilities and rides at their own risk. No refunds will be made on tickets purchased

→ The park staff and security personnel have the right to restrict any person from entering the park or using rides if the rules and regulations of the park are not complied with.

→ Since most of the rides in the park are of an adventurous nature, customers are advised to follow the safety instructions of Life guards / Ride operators and the displayed instruction near the rides, for safe riding. The management will not be responsible for any injury / accident due to negligence of the customers.

→ Disabled people, pregnant ladies, people with heart ailments and blood pressure have to avoid rides.

→ Parents are advised to special attention to their children. Children shall be accompanied by adults.

→ Re-entry will not be permitted with the same ticket, once the customers have exited the park.

→ The management reserves the right to close any ride at any time for safety /technical reasons.

→ Customers may have to leave the park even before closing time. If a necessary situations arises.

→ Park working hours are subject to change without prior notice.

→  This pass is not valid for any special events for which separate admission pass is required.

→  The management will not be responsible for any personal loss or damage of customer belongings.

→ This pass should be produced on demand by any of the park / Security staff.

→ All disputes subject to Nagarcoil Jurisdiction only.

→ Rights of admission are reserved

→ Obey the instructions at all premises

→ Don't litter the park and premises.

→ Please refrain from smoking, eating and drinking in any attractions or in any waiting areas.

→ Lost and found items and missing children should be reported at the information counter.