Dry Rides

Flying Elephants

Total occupant capacity is 12, on twin share basis. The rider is lifted to a height between 6 ft and 10 ft and circular movement of the entire system at 32ft radius is maintained. The system operates on hydraulic principle. Seats are so designed that person of any age group could be comfortably seated.

Swing Chair

There are total 10 chairs. The chairs are hanging on chains. While in motion, each rider moves through a 30ft radius circle. Crossbars are provided for every seat for passenger safety while the ride is in operation. Chain thickness and running speed are so designed that the system could withstand even with 140Kg individual weight on each seat.

Tea Cups

The teacup ride offers a real non-inertial experience to the rider. The four tea cup shaped seating individually rotates opposite to the platform direction.

Bumping Cars

State of the art bumping cars of Bay Watch is real excitement for every visitor. Total driving area is 1200 sqft. 12 passengers could ride at a time in 6 cabs on twin share basis. The stereo sound system gives a real thrilling mood to the rider. We use Insulation materials of high quality to with stand even 10 times the rated voltage. Our experienced staffs are always vigil to avoid traffic blocks. Individual seat belts are provided for additional safety of passengers.

Family Train

Our family train, running through 132 ft rail length gives a natural feeling of a train journey. All curves of rails are scientifically banked. Low voltage transmission technology, use of high quality non-conductive materials for cab manufacturing and aerodynamic design without any sharp edges ensures 100% safety to passengers through out the ride.

Bowling Net

Cricket Bowling Machine is a device which enables a batsman to practise in the nets. The main mechanism of the machine consists of two heavy wheels, between 30 and 50 cm in diameter, shod with pneumatic rubber tyres. These are mounted in a frame such that the wheels are in the same plane, about 7 cm apart. A ball joint allows the machine a wide range of movement. The whole assembly is mounted on a sturdy tripod so that the plane of the wheels is roughly at the height that a typical bowler would release the ball.

Friz Bee

A 14 meter pendulum is suspended between two support frames. Attached to the base of this pendulum in a circular gondola, 8 meters in diameter. 31 riders are seated in the gondola, facing either inwards or outwards. When the ride cycle starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the pendulum arm begins to swing through an arc of 170°. The ride is very exciting and enjoyable. It is a favorite thrill ride among many enthusiasts.

Mystery World

Safe, Sane & FUN! FUN! FUN! best describes Celebrations! Saddle up pardner for the ride of a lifetime. Put the pedal to the metal and you're off. He bucks, kicks and spins! Just try to hold on!